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This website offers a free video manual about Flying Therapeutics and the basics of Acroyoga.

What's Flying Therapeutics?

Flying Therapeutics is a bodywork practice where clients benefit from a weightless, inverted and restorative treatment.

It helps induce and create a deep and comforting connection with one’s inner child.

What are the benefits of a Flying Therapeutics session?

  • Relaxes the body and mind to reduce stress
  • Extends the spine naturally
  • Frees the body and mind from tension to allow greater body awareness
  • Removes physical blockages so energy can flow and emotions can be processed
  • Improves mindfulness and wellness of the client

Something Personal

I started years ago with acroyoga learning the basics of the Therapeutic Flying and soon I integrated more elements from other therapies.
So far, I've been inspired by many practitioners along the way.
Thank you all!

This website is my way to give something back.

Similar practices I recommend: Acrosage, Acroyoga, Inverted Therapy, Tulayoga, Watsu.


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