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Stading to Forward Fold

A delicate but beautiful transition moving the body from a full stretch on the front to a complete release of it.

If not well performed, the tension of these movements can affect easily the lower back of the patient.

To be avoided with receiver with lower back problems.

13.1 global view

This demonstrates two ways to perform this element.

0:00 to 0:11 - With his right leg, the giver slowly slides his foot under the receiver's right knee, using his arms to make this transition as smooth as possible.

0:11 to end - With his leg softly pulsing, the giver transitions his foot to the back of the receiver's knee. 

Both methods work well, although the first is more elegant and softer than the second. The second version is preferred, however, if there is any chance of the giver's foot getting caught in the receiver's pantleg.


A spotter will help avoid the receiver falling on top of the giver when practicing this element.

Note how the giver moves both feet simultaneously. This can easily be done only if the receiver wears tight pants.


This shows how the giver's foot slides down the leg to behind the receivers knee.

Note that one foot moves while the other foot supports most all the receiver's weight.