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Stading to Forward Fold

This element is prepared to offer the softest landing possible when bringing the body into a lying position.

All the details are targeting to keep the benefits of the flow unaltered.

16.1 general view

0:00 to 0:15 – The giver reaches for the receiver’s fingers and guides them to her knees. He uses a gentle grip with one hand to hold them in position here. 

0:15 to 0:31 – The giver holds the receiver’s hips using his inner thighs and slowly extends his legs until one of his feet is off the ground. Note how his legs are not parallel, and while one leg is extending the other is reaching for the ground. His body lifts up and forward with little or no effort due to the receiver’s weight. While pushing with his legs, the giver holds the receiver’s knees so he doesn't loose contact between her back and his chest. 

0:32 to 1:00 - After releasing her knees, the giver slides his toes one at a time under the receiver’s heels (Achilles tendons) to extend her legs. 

1:0 to 1:10 – The giver keeps the receiver’s head in contact with his shoulder and supports her torso as she leans back. He slowly slides away using his hands for support and maintains a gentle squeezing pressure with his thighs to keep her lower body slightly lifted above his abdomen. 

1:10 to the end – The giver keeps supporting the receiver’s neck and lower body until she is lying on the floor with only her head supported in his hand. Finally, he softly lowers her head to the floor and adjusts his position.

16.2 details

This provides a more detailed look at the movement of the giver’s hands and feet during this element.

16.4 details

This is another view of the chest-to-lay element.