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Stading to Forward Fold

This is a very intimate and beautiful ending of the flow.

If the flow have reached the point of full relaxation of the receiver this ending will offer a deeper connection with the inner child.

If you feel your receiver doesn't enjoy such a intimate contact please refer to the Chest to Lay element.

15.2 general view

0:00 to 0:14 - The giver has the receiver hug her knees. He holds both her hands with his left hand so his right hand remains free.

0:00 to 0:31 - The giver holds the receiver's hips with his inner thighs, then extends a leg while pointing one foot to the ground. He puts his hands on her knees, enabling him to start sitting up. He keeps her head resting on his shoulder.

0:31 to 0:34 - Once his foot is on the ground, the giver brings the receiver softly back down to the floor.

0:34 to 0:48 - The giver holds the receiver's knees and moves her arms over her abdomen to a comfortable position. 

0:48 to 0:58 - The giver stabilizes the receiver with his inner thighs, then slowly slides back. Once her head starts sliding from his shoulder, he supports it with his hand. He continues sliding back until he can release her entire back and head to the floor.

0:58 to the end - The giver brings the receiver's legs and hands to the floor.

15.3 details

0:08 - The giver gently holds the receiver's hand.

0:21 - The giver holds the receiver's thigh with his right hand to allow her weight to help lift him up.

0:33 - The giver puts his feet under the receiver's to support them.

0:37 - The giver moves the receiver's hands.

0:47 - The giver supports the receiver's head with his hand until it rests on his thigh.

0:56 - The giver moves the receiver's knees to the floor.

1:00 - The giver joins the receiver's hands together.

15.4 common mistakes

This shows how difficult it is for the giver to sit up when he doesn't hold the receiver's hips securely with his thighs.