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Stading to Forward Fold

This position offers a fantastic chest opener.
Not everybody enjoys this position and it's important to be sensitive and skip this element if the receiver gets tens into it.


step by step:

0:00 to 0:19 - help the receiver to reach as easier as possible its ankles. The pressure you can give whit your hands on its shoulder blades is balanced by the movement of your legs getting closer to your head.

0:19 to 0:30 - thumb pressure. The movement of the legs allow to put the right amount of pressure agains your thumbs. Start very softly and if it make sense offer more pressure.

0:30 to 0:49 - palm walk. Once again the movement or your legs create the right pressure and the arms are just doing opposition.

0:49 to 1:53 - chest opener. Make your hands really flat and spread your fingers close to the margin of the shoulder blades of the receiver. keep the pressure of your hands and bend your legs to move the hips of the receiver closer to your head. hold position if comfortable for the receiver. If still comfortable (1:11) lift the receiver and replace your hands closer to the kidneys. It's important here to support as much as possible the lumbar area to avoid this region to get tense.

1:53 to 2:32 - kidney and lumbar massage. Softly bring the receiver close to your hands and practice circles over the big muscles around the spine.

2:32 to 2:45 - chop chop. Keep your fingers spread and practice a rotation around your wrist to allow the little finger to impact first on the back of receiver. It's a typical movement you can learn in thai massage.

2:24 to 2:55 - tap tap. Make your hands as cups, a little depression in your palm, and softly percuss the back of the receiver.