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Stading to Forward Fold

This is one of the most complicated elements to be performed properly.
There's no need to do it, there's no mandatory elements in the flow.
It is complicated to realize and more complicated to make it smooth without stressing the receiver.

If you feel really trained will all the other elements, train this with the help of the spotter and with a trained receiver.

Once you have it in your repertoire is a great element to move the receiver into Bow pose. 

12.1 general view

step by step:

0:00 to 0:06 - From Head to Back, the giver moves the receiver's right knee to his left foot, so both of her legs are supported by his left foot. 

0:06 to 0:12
 - The giver presses into the back of the receiver's knees to lift her weight and create space to move his right foot under her sacrum. Note how carefully he moves to support her sacrum until he finds good stability.

0:12 to 0:15
 - Once the giver feels his feet can support most of the receiver's weight, he releases his hands and reaches for her shoulders.

0:16 to 0:22 - Once his hands are comfortably holding her shoulder, the giver lifts the receiver's upper body by extending his arms.
0:23 to 0:31
 - This is the most delicate move of the pose. The giver lifts the receiver's sacrum until her body is almost horizontal. Then, very softly, he lowers his left foot until the receiver's right leg is free, at which point he moves his left foot to counterbalance her weight shift. At the same time, he softens the pressure of his right foot to avoid putting too much pressure on her back.

0:32 to 0:37 - The giver again lifts the receiver's  sacrum to create enough space to shift his left foot. When he moves his left foot to the receiver's left gluteus, his right foot moves to support her right gluteus. Note how the giver's heel is close to the receiver's sacrum, while his toes are pointing outward...this is very important to avoid stressing the receiver's lower back.

0:32 to 0:37 - Their position is now stable, with both of the giver's feet supporting the receiver. He extends his legs while his hands support her shoulders to create a mutually comfortable position.

12.5 spotter

Note how challenging it can be to maintain balance during this pose. The spotter should always take care to monitor the receiver's and giver's lateral balance and be sure to protect the receiver's upper body and head.

12.2 details

This close view better shows the movement of the giver's feet.

12.3 details

Here are more details of how the giver's hands and the feet move in this pose.

12.4 details

Here is another perspective of this pose...please observe these details carefully.