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Stading to Forward Fold

A very nice element to receive if there's no problems with the neck of the receiver.

The grade of difficulty is set to high because we want really to be sure of the solidity of our posture before taking the risk of pulling somebody's neck.

29.1 general view

Use this pose cautiously, and only with people who have no neck issues!

Step by step:

0:00 to 0:08
 - From Waterbed pose, the giver puts his head between the receiver's shoulder blades. At the same time, his knees move under her sitting bones.

0:09 to 0:10
 - The giver's hands move to support the receiver's head. He keeps his palms in contact with the back of the receiver's head and takes care not to press on her ears.

0:10 to 0:12 - The giver lifts the receiver's head, making sure his forearms support the back of her shoulders.

0:13 to 0:35 - Keeping the receiver's spine as straight as possible, the giver shows several ways he can provide traction to her neck and spine. His hands and feet apply pessure in opposite directions. Be sure to start with a little traction, and ask your receiver if they would like more.
0:36 to  the end
 - The giver again puts his head between the receiver's shoulder blades, then moves his hands under her shoulder blades before lifting her back and relaxing his head.

29.2 details

Here is the same pose from a different angle to show more details.