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Stading to Forward Fold

This transition will allow you to move from the Reverse Fold to Waterbed.

10.1 general view

Step by step:

0:00 to 0:11 - The giver scoops his hands under the receiver's shoulder blades to create a wide area of contact with her back. At the same time, he shifts her center of balance more onto his arms.

0:11 to 0:15 - The giver extends his arms straight to support the receiver's back. He points his feet to help push her legs backwards while supporting the weight of her hips with his heels. Often, the receiver's legs will be tense during this, so the giver may have to ask the receiver to relax and let their legs move back.

0:15 to  the end - The giver slides his feet to the back of the receiver's knees, inviting her to relax her hips and back and drop into an inverted seated pose.

10.7 spotter

The spotter ensures that the receiver does not drop onto the giver as they shift into an inverted seated pose.

10.8 spotter

The spotter provides support if the receiver accidently slips from the giver's feet. He slows her fall to prevent her from landing heavily on the giver.

10.2 details

Note how the giver is pointing his feet to move the receiver's legs here (0:14 to 0:17).

Now he invites her to relax her back and hips so she can drop to an inverted seated position (0:23 to 0:25).

10.3 details

Another close view of the giver's feet and how they should move.

10.4 details

This view shows more details, enabling you to perform this element smoothly.

10.5 details

A view to see how the giver's hands move in this element.