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Stading to Forward Fold

This is a beautiful extension of the complete spine.

Inviting the receiver to surrender and soften we'll be able to see how the spine can become perfectly rounded.

Not to be performed with cervical or neck problems of any kind.

25.1 general view

Step by step:

0:00  to 0:08 - The giver moves the palms of his hands under the back of the receiver's head to support it. Note how he moves his legs to allow her body to come closer to his hands.

0:08 to 0:17 - The giver extends his arms to lift the receiver's head. It is very important not to push her chin against her chest, but rather to elongate her spine.

0:17 to 0:53 - The giver slowly softens his legs and flexes his ankles to allow the receiver's legs and knees to also soften.

0:53 to end - Returning to Reverse Fold, the giver softens his hand pressure against the receiver's head and brings her weight back into his feet.

25.3 common mistakes

Sometimes the receiver gets tense, even when feeling more comfortable in a pose. Encourage them to breath and relax their spine in this situation (0:26).

25.4 common mistakes

Same action from a different angle.