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Stading to Forward Fold

This module introduce the phase of grounding our flow.
We finally get closer to the ground even though the receiver remains over the body of the giver.

14.1 general view

Starting in the waterbed position, bend your elbows until the receiver’s shoulder blades drop to rest on your chest.

While lowering the receiver’s hips, use your thighs to support their body. This avoids their body contacting your lower abdomen and allows you to better control and stabilize their movements.

Once the receiver's hips are secure, move your feet to allow their legs to fold to their chest. Use your hands to help control this movement and prevent the receiver’s knees from falling heavily on their chest. 

At 0:20 seconds, see how the giver adjusts the receiver’s position if their body rests too high by moving their hands under the receiver’s hip crests, relaxing their thighs to release the hold momentarily, and then re-gripping once the adjustment has been made.

This flow is simple, but try to make it as smooth as possible.

14.5 details

In this video, please note:

* how the head of the receiver comes to rest on the shoulders of the giver
* how the giver’s hands help lower the receiver's legs
* how the giver’s hands grip the receiver’s hips when adjusting their body position
* how the giver's legs move when adjusting the receiver's position

Also note how the position of the receiver’s hips affects how their head rests on the giver’s shoulders. Avoid a position that bends the receiver’s neck back too far…create a more comfortable position by moving their head over your shoulders.

14.6 details

Note how the angle of the receiver’s neck changes after the giver adjusts their body position slightly. This provides a more comfortable position for the receiver’s neck.