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Stading to Forward Fold

This is a simple element used by beginners to come back to a standing position while training how to get in and out of Forward Fold.

2.1 general view

This is a good training element to practice. It allows you (the giver) to return the receiver from an inverted position to a standing position. 

This is not typically done in a professional session since it is preferable to return the receiver to a more stable and therapeutic seated position. It is, however, a good element to be familiar with in the unlikely event that you need to quickly return the receiver to the ground safely.

Join hands with the receiver and ask them to extend their arms while you also extend yours, then slowly bend your knees to allow the receiver’s feet to come down to the ground softly.
Maintain light hand contact with the receiver while they slowly return to an upright standing position until they feel stable and secure.

2.3 spotter

In this element, the spotter is initially positioned behind the receiver, then moves to their side to provide support for the landing, since it is not uncommon for the receiver to feel a little lightheaded and unbalanced after being inverted for awhile. 

Also notice how the giver is not extending their arms enough here before bending their knees and lowering the receiver. This requires the receiver to make an unnecessarily  greater effort to return to a balanced and stable standing position.

2.3.2 general view

This illustrates the giver performing the element a little too fast. They are not waiting for the arms to be completely extended before bending their knees.

Extending the arms properly offers the receiver a more stable position where they can better see the ground and know where to put the feet down.