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Stading to Forward Fold

This element offers a stretch to the shoulders of the receiver.
At the same time it allows the spine to soften and the chest to open. 

20.1 general view

From a stable forward fold position, move your hands inside the receiver’s arms, then help them grasp their opposite elbows with their arms placed over their head.

Slide your hands to the receiver's elbows and position your hands over your shoulders. Then straighten your arms to lift and provide support to their upper body.

Once in this position, encourage the receiver to simply breathe and relax…this will help open their chest and extend their spine. Give them verbal guidance if necessary.

If there's little or no tension in the receiver's shoulders, apply a little more traction to the receiver using your arms and legs. 

Do not lose contact with the receiver’s elbows, but don’t squeeze too hard either since this can be uncomfortable or create a slight burn on the soft skin around their elbows.

20.2 details

This demonstrates how to move your hands to guide the receiver’s arms  into the correct position.

20.3 details

This demonstrates how to position your hands beneath the receiver’s elbows and provide traction.