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Stading to Forward Fold

After performing a twist, it's very nice offering a stretch to the back of the receiver.
This action is easy to perform and very valuable.

19.1 general view

Once you and the receiver are stable in forward fold position, raise their arms off the floor, slide your hands down to their wrists and extend their arms over their head. 

Keep your elbows bent to hold the receiver’s wrists firmly but gently. Note that the correct position of your hands is directly above your head. 

Bend your knees slightly to gently push the receiver’s hips farther away. This creates some traction to help stretch and extend the receiver’s shoulders and spine. Check in with the receiver to make sure the pressure is sufficient but not too intense. 

Be patient and maintain this traction until you feel the receiver relaxing breath-by-breath.

It is very important to maintain a secure hold on their wrists. Also be sure to orient your ankles so as to keep their spine in a straight line as you provide traction.

19.2 general view

Here the giver is performing this element with their legs kept straight and extended. 

This is good to do when the receiver is heavier or you feel less stable.

19.3 details

From this angle, watch the giver’s hand positions when starting the element. Note how the giver adjusts his hold of the receiver’s wrists as well as the angle of his ankles when he starts applying traction.