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Stading to Forward Fold

The arch back is not for everybody, for who has  problems on the lower back this is not a very pleasant position.
For the rest can be a big pleasure.

27.1 walking on the moon and rocking the arm

Walking on the Moon

0:00 to 0:10 - The giver bends his knees one at the time while keeping his arms extended. This provides a light twist to the receiver's lower back.

0:11 to 0:48 - The giver bends his leg and his opposite arm to increase the twist. A relaxing rhythm is good, so go slowly and steadily. 

Rocking the Arm

0:49 to 1:32 - The giver releases one of the receiver's shoulders and softly rocks her elbow, letting the rhythm move throughout her body.

1:32 to 1:34 - The giver supports both of the receiver's  shoulders to return her to Bow position.

1:40 to the end - Repeat this on the receiver's other side.

27.3 details of walking on the moon and rocking the arm

This view shows more details of this element.

27.2 ringing bell

This element is only for receivers who have good flexibility in their lower back.

From the Bow position, the giver invites the receiver to reach for her ankles and helps guide her hand. He can assist in the process by slightly bending his knees.

Keeping his hands close to her shoulders, he offers the receiver a gentle rocking motion with his feet, making her body move gently as a ringing bell.

When returning to Bow position, support the receiver's shoulders before releasing her ankles.