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Stading to Forward Fold

This element can be wonderful for who has a good flexibility of the higher back while can be really uncomfortable on the contrary. In case of poor flexibility the structural tension will come completely  on the next that is the most delicate part of the spine.
Please ask your client if he is feeling good on this posture,  otherwise change position smoothly and soon.

21.1 general view

Please note that this element can be very relaxing and therapeutic if performed correctly, but uncomfortable if not. Stay sensitive and don't hesitate to ask the receiver if they are doing ok.

step by step:

0:00 to 0:14 - The giver helps the receiver create a cup with her hands, wrists and elbows. He then moves her hands to support her chin before locking her elbows in place using his knees.

0:14 to 0:19 - The giver places his hands to find the best grip to support the receiver's elbows. 

0:19 to 0:24 - The giver lifts the receiver's elbows. Note that his elbows are slightly bent to allow him to gently press and avoid creating too much tension in her neck. He pushes his hands in the direction of the base of her neck.

0:25 to 1:00 - The giver holds this position to allow the receiver to soften and extend her spine, breath by breath. Invite the receiver to relax her shoulders. The giver's intention is always to push in the direction of the base of the neck of the receiver.

1:00 to the end - Lower the receiver gently and smoothly. Don't hurry...the receiver's back needs time to relax after a strong extension. Note the movement of the giver's hands.

21.2 details

More details can be seen in this closer view.