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Stading to Forward Fold

If we are not still confident with the turns and we want to add some more elements to our Backward Flow we can use this element to bring the receiver into a nice arch.

8.1 general view

0:00 to 0:03 - The giver guides the receiver to step back until he can reach her heels with his fingertips.
0:04 to 0:05 - The giver places his feet parallel to each other on the receiver's sit bones while she reaches back for his ankles.
0:06 to 0:09 - The receiver leans back while the giver supports her weight with his feet and reaches for her elbows to provide greater stability.

0:10 to 0:11 - The giver walks his hands from the elbow to the shoulders of the receiver.

0:10 to the end - The giver widens his feet to lessen pressure on the receiver's lower back while he invites her to release her arms.

It's important to strongly support the receiver's shoulders in order to avoid putting too much pressure on her lumbar area. If the lower back pressure is too much for her, widen your feet more. If still too much, raise her shoulders higher and/or move to the next element.

8.2 spotter

The spotter supports the receiver's head until the giver's hands can support her shoulders. Then he moves to the side to better ensure the receiver's balance.

8.3 spotter

The balance in the pose can be challenging or the giver. Once the receiver's head is safely supported, the spotter must be ready to prevent a possible fall.