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Stading to Forward Fold

We are introducing here the first turn of this course.
Turns are fantastic elements because they allow the giver to turn the body of the receiver without braking the flow.
All receivers normally love turns.

We have to warn, anyway, that turns are between the most complex elements to perform and it's very important to spend long time training before applying this techniques to our public.

6.1 general view

Please notice: This is a difficult balancing element. For safety, don't perform it without a spotter until you are very proficient.

Step by step:

0:00 to 0:13 - The giver lifts the receivers left elbow with his right hand and begins to twist her torso. He reaches for her right elbow and moves her right hand toward her lower left leg. He supports her right arm with one hand on her shoulder and one hand on her elbow.

0:13 to 0:17 - The giver uses his feet to rotate the receiver's hips counter-clockwise, allowing her to reach for her lower left leg (calf or ankle). At the same time, he helps push her right hand toward her lower left leg. If the receiver has limited flexibility, she can reach toward her knee instead of her calf or ankle. 

0:18 to 0:24 - Once the receiver grabs her lower leg, encourage her to relax. Place both your hands under her back and right shoulder to lift her upper body until your arms are almost fully extended. This will allow you to better support her weight.

0:25 to 0:27 - The giver places his left hand under the receiver's left shoulder while his keeping his right arm extended to support her weight.

0:28 to 0:32 - The giver firmly holds both of the receiver's shoulders with his hands and maintains firm support of her thigh with his left leg. This allows him to free his right foot and place it atop his left foot, similar to a ballet step.

0:33 to 0:34 - Firmly supporting the receiver's shoulders, the giver gently removes his left foot while replacing it with his right foot. His left foot is now free.

0:35 to 0:40 - The giver moves his left foot close to the receiver's left hip while asking her to release her hand from her lower leg or ankle.

0:41 to the end - The receiver's body is now turned 180 degrees in the opposite direction and her position is stable. Little by little, the giver softens his arms and bring his legs into a vertical position to stabilize her in Reverse Fold position.

6.5 spotter

In this video, everything goes fine, but the spotter is doing his part to assure safety.

6.6 spotter

It is easy for the giver and receiver to lose balance in this element. 

Watch how the spotter stays focused to help assure the receiver's body stays centered over the giver.

Once this stability is compromised, the spotter grabs the receiver's hips and helps lower her safely to the ground as slowly as possible.

When practicing, share this video with the receiver so they understand the element beforehand. This will help ensure a safer practice.

6.2 general view

Different giver same result: Noel is showing the same action in a proper way.

6.3 details

This opposite angle view shows more details about how the giver uses his hands and feet to help turn the receiver.

6.4 details

This element is more complicated than most, and this view shows additional details that can help you perform it correctly and safely. Please watch attentively.