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Stading to Forward Fold

This module is showing several elements you can perform while in Waterbed position.

26.1 all items

This shows a sequence of elements you can use in this position. Use your creativity to add more, but remember to always make it pleasant and comfortable for the receiver.

step by step:

0:05 to 0:19 - alternately rocking the legs

0:24 to 1:15 – twist. A more advanced element that requires strong arms

1:16 to 1:30 - waves

1:30 to 1:51 - opening the chest

1:52 to 2:13 - swinging hammock

2:14 to end - adjusting hand positions

26.2 details

This angle shows many details not visible from the side.

Please note the movement of the giver’s arms, hands, legs and feet. 

26.3 common mistakes

This shows how a tense receiver behaves in this element: 

* their head is high

* their arms are rigid

* their abdomen is tense

In this case, the giver invites the receiver to relax their neck, shoulders and abdomen.